Health Plans

Employer Benefits

Payroll Tax Reduction

Increase your bottom line by reducing your payroll taxes through pre-tax benefits.

Employee Absentee Reduction

Healthier employees require less sick days for unexpected illnesses.

Improved Employee Performance

Happier, healthier employees are more engaged and productive at work.

Increased Employee Retention

Reap the benefits of longer employee retention times when employees feel cared for and supported.

Employee Benefits

Hospital Stay Pay

Hospital confinement & outpatient surgery benefits


24 hour coverage for on or off the job— benefits paid directly to employee.

Critical Illness

Receive a lump sum with recurrences for the diagnosis of critical illnesses.

Whole Life

Whole Life or Universal Life Insurance with a flexible premium and guaranteed 3% min. interest rate.

Virtual Health

Access to board certified doctors 24/7, Dermatologists, Psychologists & Certified Counselors

Healthy Living Services

Health Portal

Live Well Online is your customized, interactive corporate wellness portal.

On-site Preventative Screenings

Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Bio-Metric Screening

Bio-metric screening & analysis

Blood Sample Testing

Blood Spot Testing, results uploaded into confidential personalized portal

Health Coaching

Learn how to begin to make changes in your daily life with your own personal health coach.

Incentive Management

We have the perfect solution to boost employee incentive in your Wellness Program.

Know Your Number Assessment

Know Your Number® is an evidenced-based health risk assessment and education tool.

Wellness Challenges

Keep your employees engaged by allowing Live Well to design and manage wellness challenges.

Device/App Integration

Easily link devices and apps to your Livewell Account.

Live Well Phone App

All of your favorite features from the portal including weekly recipes and grocery lists, pedometer tracking, and more!

Marketing and Communications

Keep employees informed of fun wellness programs and events.

Comprehensive Reporting

Keep track of both individual and corporate progress and success.

Data Analytics

Utilize data to predict future potential health risks and create disease management and prevention plans.

Smoking Cessation Program

A 6-week Smoking Cessation Program to assist employees in making a choice that will affect the rest of their lives.

Corporate Lunch and Learns

Lunch & Learns are an integral, educational and an informative platform for any comprehensive wellness program.

Health Fair Management

Live Well will facilitate the planning and scheduling of your annual Health Awareness Day.

Virtual Health

Live Well is proud to provide an integrated approach to corporate wellness, healthcare, pediatrics, dermatology, behavior health, psychiatry, certified counselors.