About Our Company

Live Well Health Strategy Advisors is comprised of experts and professionals in the health industry who have traveled the globe for over a decade. Our mission, from the start, has been to utilize our combined knowledge and research to design the best Health and Welfare plan possible. Live Well’s core purpose is to provide employers with the essential tools to maximum payroll tax savings, the ability to supply valuable cash benefits to employees and ensure optimized gap coverage. How? We’re glad you asked.

Live Well applies a 3-Pillar customizable health plan to empower employers to optimize their work environment, productivity and culture, by implementing the following:

  • Pillar One – Offers incredible employer and employee tax savings through our Live Well program
  • Pillar Two – Invites and invigorates health in the workplace through an innovative, integrated and customizable Health and Welfare Plan
  • Pillar Three – Protects employer and employee by providing a health plan option with living benefits and vital supplemental coverage

We are passionate about what we do at Live Well, and it shows. With deductibles soaring upwards of $5,000-plus, there needs to be a solution for the “everyday employee.” This is precisely how our three pillars work in tandem to produce comprehensive wellness solutions in the workplace.

Think about an average employee in Texas working at a grocery store making $28,000 a year with two dependents, what options does this type of employee have? Most likely, he/she is faced with significant healthcare costs, regardless of whether he/she has employee benefits (or not). In the event he/she are significantly injured or prematurely passed away, he/she would have nothing to ensure the security of their family.

Scenarios such as the one described above are the reason Live Well was created.

The options that Live Well provides, solidify more than simply security – they make sure employees, like a grocery store clerk and others like them, receive the respect and dignity they deserve.

Everyone should have what they need to succeed in the workplace, and that includes the best in preventative health care, tax savings and supplemental health benefits. After all, we don’t simply seek for you to work well, or even live well; we strive for you to live to your fullest. 

Please take a tour of our website to learn more about Live Well and our abundant health and welfare programs. Questions? We’d love to answer them, call us at 806-799-1099.